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Collaborative projects

The OPEN-C Foundation and its partners take advantage of the presence of exceptional prototypes connected to the electricity network on its sites to host and support experimental collaborative projects.

These may concern testing of technologies or prototypes on the 5 offshore sites. But also to carry out R&D projects on various themes, sites and issues of MRE, in particular: knowledge of the environment, monitoring and measurement systems, anchoring, dynamic cables...

Several current projects are presented to you here .


VELELLA | 2024-2027

Reducing the environmental impact of floating wind power

Velella aims to qualify several technological bricks & methods necessary to prepare the deployment of commercial floating wind projects under the best economic, social & environmental conditions. This project is a first in the MRE sector: each innovation developed will be designed with an eco-design approach, from life cycle analysis to recyclability or the impact on the underwater environment.

  • Project leader: IDEOL
  • Project partners: Centrale Nantes, Ifremer, Ensta, IVM, OPEN-C Foundation
  • Funding: ADEME and Europe
Goélands en repos sur la plateforme Crédit Photo BW IDEOL_BD

PIAFF & Co | 2022-2025

Monitoring of birds and bats around offshore wind farms

The PIAFF&CO project aims to collect field data with different monitoring methods, to improve our knowledge of the marine environment. The project uses feedback from the first Floatgen offshore wind turbine (©BW Ideol) and in situ data on the SEM-REV test site. It will make it possible to define the potentially impacted species and the interactions with the wind turbine.

  • Project leader: OPEN-C Foundation
  • Partners: MNHM, BW Ideol, EDF-Renewable, Centrale Nantes
  • Funding: ADEME

ECHO | 2024-2027

Better characterize noise at sea

The ECHO project will focus on the acoustic pressures linked to offshore wind power on marine mammals and ichthyofauna (fish), by combining historical data from the sites and new measurement campaigns (during the installation and construction phases). exploitation of prototypes).

  • Project leader: University of La Rochelle.
  • Partners: OPEN-C Foundation, Cohabys, Nereis
  • Funding: French Office for Biodiversity


Tests of 2 experimental buoys

Memoflow (in picture): Characterization of the MISTRAL offshore site by measurements of wind, temperature, salinity, passage of bats and monitoring of underwater bio-colonization
Monabiop: Improvement of knowledge and in-service monitoring of nylon anchor lines and development of methods for measuring and monitoring underwater bio-colonization.

  • Project leader: FEM
  • Funding: ADEME, Europe

STORM | 2022-2025

Develop an underwater inspections/operations service

Underwater work often uses ROVs, a remotely operated underwater vehicle. The STORM project aims to match need and supply by offering a properly sized underwater inspection and operations service with a reduced carbon footprint. The OPEN-C Foundation will participate in the design and construction of a test bench for a new ROV and will coordinate the tests.

  • Project leader: SEAOWL
  • Partners: Exail, Kley France, OPEN-C Foundation, Centrale Nantes
  • Funding: BPI I-Demo
Prise de vue VAMOS web

OMGES | 2023-2024

Decarbonization of maintenance operations for offshore wind power

Due to the vocation of offshore sites and its strong link to innovation, the OPEN-C Foundation is examining with this project the technical and territorial possibilities for decarbonizing maintenance activities for offshore wind power. Existing needs locally will be analyzed and shared to arrive at a suitable ship project then the design of a “first in series”.

  • Project leader: OPEN-C Foundation
  • Subcontractor: MAURIC
  • Funding: ADEME

POMU | 2023-2026

Multi-Purpose Offshore Platform

POMU is a floating “Offshore Multi-Purpose Platform” installed on one or more offshore sites. It could, for example, accommodate R&D projects, lower-power EMR demonstrators or even be used as an operational base at sea by the site's teams and its partners. The installation of the platform will take place on the SEM-REV site.

  • Project leader: OPEN-C Foundation
  • Funding: ADEME and FTJ

French Marine Renewable Energy Observatory

Each year, the Observatory publishes an annual report and a summary providing an overview of the socio-economic situation in the MRE sector (turnover, jobs, investments, nature of company activity). The 8th annual report will be produced by the OPEN-C Foundation.

It also publishes regular notes which aim to improve knowledge on a key issue to decipher current events in marine energies or shed light on the future prospects of the sector.

  • Project leader: French Maritime Cluster
  • Project partners: ADEME, ABE, BOP, Chantiers de l’Atlantique, CMN/HydroQuest, DEME, Centrale Nantes, EDF RE, Eiffage Métal, GE Renewable Energy, Neopolia, Normandie
  • Funding: ADEME and partners

Exhibition and Research Center at Penn Avel

The Penn Avel exhibition and research center, located in Le Croisic, is part of an awareness project on Marine Renewable Energy to create a place for scientific culture & knowledge sharing in direct proximity to the offshore site SEM-REV and the Banc de Guérande offshore wind farm.

  • Project leader: OPEN-C
  • Project partners: EDF Renewable, Conservatoire du Littoral, PdlL Region, Le Croisic…
  • Funding: ADEME, FTJ, Loire-Atlantique Department and EDF ER