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  • [SEM-REV] Return to port of Sealhyfe, the world’s first offshore hydrogen production pilot platform
    November 24, 2023
    Lhyfe announces the return to port of Sealhyfe, the world’s first offshore hydrogen production pilot platform, after achieving all the objectives set at the time of its launch. On trial since September 2022, first at quay and then at sea at SEM-REV offshore hub test site, Sealhyfe has stored millions of data relating to the production of green hydrogen offshore and has enabled us to experiment offshore operating conditions. The lessons learned from this world first, made possible by the excellence of the teams, are already accelerating the large-scale offshore projects needed to decarbonise industry and mobility.
  • [SAINTE ANNE DU PORTZIC] Seaturns tests a wave converter prototype
    November 14, 2023
    Since 3rd of October, the Saint-Anne du Portzic offshore test site hosts a new prototype of a wave energy production system from the Bordeaux-based start-up Seaturns. The world's wave energy resource is huge and remains untapped for the moment. To exploit this alternative to carbon-based energy, the Seaturns start-up has come up with a promising system featuring innovative anchoring and a simple design that ensures great robustness.
  • Meet us at OEE 2023
    October 25, 2023 - October 26, 2023
    Ocean Energy Europe Conference & Exhibition (OEE2023) will take place in The Hague, the Netherlands. Meet the OPEN-C Foundation team on our booth and during the session "Licence to deploy - Accelerating ocean energy permitting" with Marlène Kiersnowski, Director of SEENEOH test site.
  • Eolink's innovative 5MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine system takes anchor at the SEM-REV offshore test site
    October 4, 2023
    One of EOLINK’s biggest missions was achieved this summer with the successful installation of its Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (FOWT) anchorage system at the SEM-REV offshore test site, operated by OPEN-C Foundation, off Le Croisic in Western France, as part of the 5MW France-Atlantique project.
  • [MISTRAL] OPEN-C Foundation is part of the AFLOWT project for the acceleration of floating offshore wind
    September 15, 2023
    The aim of the AFLOWT project, for Accelerating market uptake of Floating Offshore Wind Technology, is to demonstrate the economic relevance of floating wind turbines and to encourage the emergence of development projects with a view to future commercial wind farms in France, North-West Europe and, more broadly, the rest of the world.
  • SEM-REV joins the OPEN-C Foundation to continue testing and innovating in the field of MRE!
    September 6, 2023
    It's official: since 1st September 2023, the SEM-REV offshore test site is exclusively operated by the OPEN-C Foundation. Centrale Nantes, which in 2007 initiated what will rapidly become the 1st multi-technology offshore test site, is continuing its research activities and supporting the site as it evolves. Through this transfer of activity, and as a founder of the OPEN-C Foundation, Centrale Nantes is helping to accelerate the energy transition in France thanks to Renewable Marine Energies. Here's a look back at what the SEM-REV has achieved so far and its future within the newly-created OPEN-C Foundation, which will coordinate offshore testing entirely dedicated to floating wind turbines and marine renewable energies!
  • [SEANERGY 2023] 3 videos to explain the OPEN-C Foundation and test sites
    July 25, 2023
    The OPEN-C Foundation took part in Seanergy 2023, the Marine Renewable Energies (EMR) exhibition last June. Discover in video our 3 interventions to better understand the missions of the OPEN-C Foundation and the interest of offshore tests.
  • [SEM-REV] Successful installation of new offshore cables: SEM-REV 2.0 is now operational offshore!
    July 18, 2023
    10 years after the export cable was installed, the SEM-REV marine renewable energy test site has seen further investment. The aim was to upgrade the site and pave the way for hosting future prototypes. Thanks to funding from the French State, the Pays de la Loire Region and Europe, which Centrale Nantes applied for as part of the "France 2030" programme, the site has been able to connect new prototypes since April.
  • [SEM-REV] Sealhyfe produces its first kilos of green hydrogen at sea
    June 27, 2023
    Lhyfe, one of the world’s pioneers in green and renewable hydrogen production, has announced that its offshore hydrogen production pilot, known as Sealhyfe, was successfully towed 20 kilometres out into the Atlantic and connected with the SEM-REV power hub, the Centrale Nantes offshore test site, operated by the OPEN-C Foundation. As of 20 June 2023, the platform began producing its first kilos of offshore hydrogen, marking a decisive milestone for the future of the sector.
  • Meet us at Seanergy 2023
    June 20, 2023 - June 21, 2023
    OPEN-C Foundation is sponsoring Seanergy 2023, the Marine Renewable Energies (MRE) event on 20th and 21th June in Paris. Just a few months after our creation, we're delighted to be able to exchange ideas with all the stakeholders in the offshore wind and MRE sector, attending Seanergy.
  • [SEM-REV] Kick-off of the Velella R&D project which aims to reduce the environmental impact of floating wind turbines
    May 16, 2023
    Velella aims to qualify several technology bricks & innovative methods needed to prepare the deployment of commercial floating wind projects under the best economic, social & environmental conditions. This project will be a first in the MRE sector: each innovation will be driven by an eco-design approach, from life cycle analysis to recyclability and impact on the underwater environment.
  • The OPEN-C Foundation at WindEurope 2023
    April 26, 2023
    The OPEN-C Foundation attending in the 2023 edition of WindEurope in Copenhagen from 25th to 27th April.
  • [SEM-REV] SEM-REV 2.0 preparations: Connector installation complete, cables soon to be connected at sea
    April 25, 2023
    Investment on the SEM-REV site continues! After receiving the site's new cables and connectors, the teams, led by INYANGA, have completed the installation of the connectors on the cables and prepared them for the installation offshore.
  • The 1st Board of Governors of the OPEN-C Foundation appoints Frédéric Moncany as its President and Bertrand Alessandrini as its CEO
    April 19, 2023
    Created on 21st March 2023, the OPEN-C Foundation, Europe's largest offshore testing centre entirely dedicated to marine renewable energy (MRE), held its first board of governors meeting on 18th April 2023. On this occasion, Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan was elected President of the Foundation's Board of Governors. On his proposal, the Board of Governors appointed Bertrand Alessandrini as the Foundation's CEO.
  • Creation of the OPEN-C Foundation, Europe's largest offshore testing centre for Marine Renewable Energies
    March 22, 2023
    Following its publication in the Journal Officiel on 21st March 2023, the 10 public and private founding members (Ifremer, Centrale Nantes, ITE France Énergies Marines, EDF, RTE, TotalEnergies, Technip Energies, Valorem, Valeco, Énergie de la Lune) proudly announce the creation of the OPEN-C Foundation, Europe's largest offshore test centre entirely geared towards floating wind turbines and marine renewable energies.
  • [SEM-REV] SEM-REV 2.0 preparations: New SEM-REV cables and connectors received in St Nazaire
    February 24, 2023
    In 2022, the offshore test site SEM-REV began a phase of investment and works to enhance its capacity to host new demonstration and research projects. Following the award of the underwater equipment supply contract launched in 2022, a consortium, led by INYANGA, recently delivered the new submarine cables and connectors.
  • [MISTRAL] NextFloat Project launches with the aim to pave the way for competitive and industrial deployment of floating wind
    November 30, 2022
    The initiative is being led by a consortium of thirteen partners from eight countries including Technip Energies, X1Wind, Naturgy, 2B Energy, Hellenic Cables, Technical University of Denmark, Hydro, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Schwartz Hautmont, Ocas, Tersan Shipyard, Ocean Ecostructures and Cybernetix.The project was officially launched in Paris and will lead to the deployment of a 6MW floating wind prototype in the French Mediterranean to demonstrate at a relevant scale an innovative integrated downwind floating platform design.
Published on November 30, 2022 Updated on July 21, 2023