OPEN-C project


The largest offshore test centre for floating wind and Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) in Europe

The OPEN-C Foundation is a high impact project which contributes to a more rapid energy transition and to enhancing France's position on these strategic issues. The project will lead to the creation of a partnership foundation, the OPEN-C Foundation, which will coordinate, develop and manage offshore testing.






The development of floating wind turbines is now a priority in order to accelerate the development of this strategic sector. Other sectors will also be the focus of a national development strategy.


  • Develope offshore infrastructure: develop existing test sites and create new test sites
  • Operate and maintain offshore test sites
  • Support prototype and technological component testing
  • Encourage investment in infrastructure through sponsorship
  • Ensure environmental monitoring and site characterisation
  • Disseminate knowledge to the scientific community and the general public
  • Train staff to manage and maintain the test sites
  • Consolidate the national Marine Renewable Energy sector


The OPEN-C Foundation will support the massive development of the sector by building a new site to carry out "High Power" tests. The site will be used to test 2 to 3 wind turbines of up to 20 MW simultaneously.

This development will be in addition to the investments required on the existing sites.


The main activity of the OPEN-C Foundation will be to host collaborative experimental research projects. The majority of these projects will be set up in the framework of European or national calls for projects.

> Grid-connected projects:
  • Grid-connected prototypes for all types of technology
> Off-grid projects:
  • Emerging technologies (small scale or wave)
  • Key components: moorings, dynamic cables, electrical hub (underwater), monitoring and measurement systems, hydrogen technology, etc.
  • Environmental observation equipment
> Non-technological research projects:
  • Environmental knowledge
  • Interactions with technologies
Offshore test sites provide the platform for a demonstrator’s "maiden flight" in Marine Renewable Energy. Test sites constitute essential infrastructure for hosting grid-connected and off-grid offshore test projects.

Published on November 2, 2022 Updated on March 24, 2023